Why I am Qualified to Do Mathematical Research

If you're considering my trade alert service and you're hearing me say that all my trades are based on statistical research I performed, you might be wondering what my background is.

First of all, I love math! I wanted to be a math teacher back when I was in middle school. Also my brothers and I used to do fantasy baseball growing up, and this was back before computers when we had to look at the box scores in the newspapers. We loved rushing out to get the paper first thing in the morning to tabulate our points by hand. I also used to calculate batting averages in my head literally just for fun (and still do...).

So I have a natural passion for math. But here are some more credentials that evidence my aptitudes:

Another fun fact: both my brothers were also the valedictorians of their respective high school classes. It must be something in our bloodline or in the way we were raised that gifted us these aptitudes.

In addition, I've done a ton of research on statistical testing and quantitative trading. You can learn more about who influenced my research by reading about my teachers.

I've also had my research and writing published on sites like Stock Market Guides.

"I really appreciate the fact that not only do you share your picks, but you also share/teach your strategy. Yours is one of the first that has actually made sense to me. I learned a lot. Thank you!"

by Carrie in Washington

"My knowledge of trading has grown immensely through Eric's on-line instruction and chat conversations. His personal care throughout the process has provided security and his openness has allowed me to feel comfortable asking any question about the market."

by Seth in California

If you have any questions about my background or anything else, contact me any time!

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