Learn How to Pick Stocks Yourself

One of the cool things about the stock picking service at Mindful Trader is that I don't just make stock picks that you can follow. I also teach you how I make stock picks.

I offer step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly what the rules are for my trading strategy so that you can learn to understand it yourself. I also teach how I set everything up in my trading platform (Think or Swim), which might offer you insights for how to set it up in yours, no matter which platform you use.

Once you get the hang of the trading strategies, you might find my watch list to be really useful. Each day I post tickers there that are close to setting up for potential trades. For those tickers I indicate the price I am targeting for entering the trade so that you could know which ticker I'm likely going to be trading before I even post it to my stock picks page.

That might prove to be a helpful tool for transitioning into making your own trades. You can see the trades on my watch list and see how they meet the trading criteria, which then deepens your understanding of what you're looking for with these trade setups. This gives you more control over your trades while still honoring the trading strategy that was used in the back tests.

Also as part of this service, I welcome you to ask me questions about any particular tickers you found on your own. I won't advise you what to do since I'm not a financial advisor, but I'll tell you how the stock looks through my lens and give you an idea of how it might fit into the framework of these trading strategies.

Keep in mind all these trades carry risk. Although they did well in back tests, remember that back tests have limitations and that the past doesn't guarantee anything about the future.

But you can also control your risk to some degree by choosing a position sizing approach that's appropriate for you and your risk preferences. And if you're feeling drawn to the stock market and want to get involved one way or another, wouldn't you want to learn trade strategies that have a history of back-tested profitability? I sure would, and that's why I did the research to identify these strategies.

It cost me more than $200,000 and 4 years of my time to learn and develop these trading strategies. You can learn the exact same strategies by simply subscribing to the Mindful Trader service.