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"I am enjoying the service very much. You are very conscientious and always upbeat. Your honesty and the degree to which you are grounded are inspirational."

by Bala in Illinois

"I was able to get my portfolio up almost $400 these passed two weeks, just by using your service. I look at your purchases, and then make options calls depending on what your "sell by" dates are. I love the service."

by Victoria in New York

"Right now in all my positions I'm up $189 for the day. Definitely pleased."

by Seth in California

"I'm going on my second month as a subscriber to Mindful Trader. In a very small period of time I've learned so much through your literature, videos and blogs. I can't even begin to explain how much I love your strategy."

by John in NJ

"My account has grown $12,600 in just one month since I joined Mindful Trader. I have mimicked 90% of your moves and have never been successful until I followed your professional trading program."

by Leo in Indonesia

"I can't thank you enough for sharing this with us, it's quite simply the best $47 I spend every month. My small account that I almost gave up on went from $2370 to start the year to $5200 today using your option strategy."

by Dave in Rhode Island


Will you be available to help me if I have questions about setting up or about any of the stock picks?

Absolutely! I am at your service. My goal is to give you whatever support you need in order to get major value out of this service. Contact me any time. I try to be blazing fast at responding!

How many stock picks do you make per day?

On typical days, there are 1-3 stock picks that I make. But I only do trades that are signaled by my back-tested trading strategies since I want to ensure I have the odds in my favor. Because of that, sometimes I might go an entire week without making a single trade because no trades set up in a way that matched my strategies. That's how we want it: we want to be very particular about which trades we take because we want to ensure we always trade with a back-tested edge.

What time of day do you make trades?

When I make trades, they're normally near the open of the market (6:30am Pacific Time). So that's when you can expect me to post new stock picks. Some trades will fall in between those times. There are plenty of days where there are no trades. Also, I did a study that shows it may not matter if you can't follow a stock pick right after it's posted.

Also keep in mind that if you decide to learn my trade strategies to do them by yourself, then you'll be able to do the trades on your own schedule.

Do you have any examples that show how your own trading account corresponds to the trade alerts?

Yep! You can see a Sample of My Live Trading Results to see how the stock picks I make reconcile perfectly with my trading account. That webpage has a video that also shows how my account performed over the two-week period immediately preceding the filming of the video.