Paper Trading is a Good Idea

If you sign up for my stock picking service, I highly recommend that in the beginning you use a paper trading account to make your trades.

Paper trading is "pretend trading". It's using pretend money to execute trades. Not all trading platforms offer it. But many do, including my preferred platform, Think or Swim.

If you don't trade all that regularly, then it could be especially helpful to use a paper trade account to trade any of the stock picks I send or any of the trading strategies I teach. One key reason is it helps you to get your process figured out for setting up orders. If you try to learn how to set up the orders using real money, it might get real uncomfortable real fast!

Instead, you can paper trade, get your process down, make sure you're comfortable with the way the stock picks service works and how the flow of wins and losses feels, and then launch into trading with real money thereafter if/when you feel comfortable.

Also, if you will be following my stock picks, in the beginning you can use a paper trading environment to make sure that the results you're getting generally match mine without risking real money. If they don't, then let me know so I can help!

Here is a quick video I made that explains more about why I think paper trading is a good idea:

If you have any questions, contact me any time!

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