Sample of My Live Trading Results

Trades I Post Tie to My Live Trading Account

All the stock picks I post through this service are for trades I do in my own account. This video depicts a 2-week period of live trades. I show how the trades in my account tie to the stock picks I posted. I also show what the profit from that 2-week period was and offer some perspective on how to interpret that.

207.8% Return Over 1.5 Years (through March 2024)

This is a snapshot of how one of my accounts performed over a 1.5 year period.

December 2023 Results

December was a profitable month for me. Here is how much each of my accounts grew:

-21.1% Return Over 4 Months

This page shows how one of my accounts performed over a 4-month period. It demonstrates that these trades are not all winning trades. There is risk involved. There are periods of drawdown and you can never tell for sure when those are going to occur.

Options Account Grew 43% in 30 Days

The video above shows how in one particular month, my options account grew 43% during a 30-day period. Most months are not like that, but they're nice when they happen.