How to Place an Order After You See a New Stock Pick

After you see a new stock pick posted by me and have figured out what position size you want to go with, then you can decide whether you want to make a trade.

You may already be familiar with how to enter trades in your trading platform, in which case there may not be much new information for you to learn from the below video.

That said, there are some nuances that I highlight that might make a difference for you. For example, when you see the stock pick, you might want to set up an OCO order for the exits (profit target and stoploss) once you place your order.

The video below shows you all the steps to take to place an order (I show it using the Think or Swim trading platform, but most of the information applies to all trading platforms) and the video addresses how to decide if you want to use "market" or "limit" orders and how they work:

For many of my stock picks, I indicate a time limit for the trade. That means that if the price doesn't hit either the profit target or stoploss, I will be exiting the trade by the date specified (I always sell the position using a "market" sell order first thing in the morning on the date specified).

This is a video that shows an example of me setting up an order to exit a position that has hit its time limit.

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