Best Ways to Access Stock Picks

When you sign up for the Mindful Trader service, you'll get access to all my stock picks and options picks. I post them real time as I trade them in my own account.

These are the best ways to access those trades:

1)  Check my Live Positions page. I normally post any stock picks or options picks each day within an hour of the opening of the US stock market (6:30 am Pacific Time). If need be, you could set an alarm or calendar reminder to help you remember to check it each day. Keep in mind that I did a study that showed it may not matter if there is a delay between the time I post the pick and the time you see it, so there may not need to be a sense of urgency about checking for new trades.

2)  If you want to be alerted every time I post a new pick, that's ok too! You can set up your own alerts. There are third party apps that offer website monitoring services, and you can configure one to alert you each time I post a new trade to the website. These apps are totally optional.

Mindful Trader is not affiliated with any of these apps, but I did review and test one in particular called Wachete. While testing it, I successfully got an alert to my phone and email each time a new trade was posted. It costs about $10 per month. This video shows how to set up alerts with Wachete:

There is also an app called Page Probe that can send alerts when I update the website with new trades. It's a free Chrome Extension that can only send alerts to your desktop or laptop. There are many more apps, and you are certainly welcome to use whichever one you want if you're interested in setting up alerts.

3)  If you're ok with putting in a little more time, you could keep an eye on my Watch List. I indicate on there the exact prices I'm targeting for tickers that are setting up. I literally set up "buy orders" at the potential entry price shown next to each ticker (up to my available buying power), so you could consider doing the same thing in order to get in right at the same time as me (before I can even post my trade to the website).

Also keep in mind that I typically send out email commentaries each morning. I talk about how things are going in the market and in my portfolio. The email commentaries can be a helpful source of information about my stock picks, although they are not specifically "alerts".

I get asked a lot about whether I send text alerts or email alerts right when I make trades. I do not. There are a couple reasons. One is that I think sending alerts might create a false sense of urgency when in reality I have data that suggests an urgent reaction may not be needed. Another reason is that sending time-specific alerts might be considered a form of market manipulation since I hold a position in each trade I post. I don't have any intention of doing anything that could manipulate the market. It's not what this business is about (and it's not legal!). I highly respect the laws of the land and want to do everything by the books. If you are looking for a service that has real time trade alerts, you can consider the stock picking service at Stock Market Guides since they don't have a personal interest in each stock pick they alert.

Contact me any time if you have any questions.