Learn My Trading Strategies

One of the biggest potential values of the Mindful Trader service is that I teach the exact stock and options trading strategy I use to make my own trades and picks.

To my mind, this one strategy alone could potentially be enough to generate substantial wealth over time. It might even be something you could build a trading career out of.

My trading strategies are good for all audiences, but particularly beginners and those with intermediate experience. My approach to trading is very mechanical and rules-based. All the trading strategies I use are back-tested, and to run a back test on a strategy it has to have clearly-defined trading rules. This sort of approach lends itself well to people who just need a solid game plan that they can stick to.

Once you sign up for this service, you'll get access to tutorials that explain all the trading rules for the trading strategy I use so that you can learn to do them on your own if you want.

Since I strictly follow the rules of the trades, you'll truly be able to make the exact same trades as I do. No "trader's intuition" needed; you can just follow the rules of the trade strategy and you'll notice that the stock picks and option picks I post correspond directly with the trading strategy rules. That said, you can also choose to use your discretion whenever you feel like it.

Learning to Trade Stocks

That page talks specifically about the education I provide for trading stocks. In other words, you can learn how to pick stocks yourself with this service.

Learn My Options Strategy

That page talks about the education I provide for trading options. If you want the potential for more homerun trades and are ok with sacrificing your winning percentage, then this options trading approach might be a good fit for you.

"I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU!!!!! I truly look forward to the start of each week. Thank You for sharing all your years of studies, hard work, strategy and most of all your Time! I've learned so much through your literature, videos and blogs."

by John in New Jersey

"It truly is simple once I understood how to do it correctly."

by Rodger in Missouri

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