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This is a blog about the emotions associated with money. They're different for everyone, and for some (like me) they can be intense!

Everybody is welcome to read this blog and comment (or ask for help), whether you have any interest in my Mindful Trader service or not. This blog is a non-commercial blog. It's meant as a way of supporting other people through the challenging emotions around money, just as others have supported me over the last several years.

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How Our Emotions Can Be Tied To The Little Kid Within

Sometimes on TV shows, I've seen situations where a person is visiting a therapist or psychologist, and the doctor says, "Tell me about your childhood."

One reason for that is because the things we experienced as kids can have a huge impact on the way we experience life as an adult. There has been a lot of scientific study about this. So it can be really helpful to reflect on what things were like as a kid, and consider how they may be influencing the things we feel, say, and do as adults today.

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Even When You Lose Money, You Are Safe

Some people might read the title of this blog post and think I'm crazy. How could I possibly know your situation and whether you're safe or not, right?

Ok so I admit it: if you're in the jungle right now and a rhino is charging at you, then I am wrong and you are not safe. Please stop reading this article immediately and run to safety!

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A Mental Exercise That Proves Your Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own

Most people feel that they have total control over their thinking. They believe that they can think whatever they want to think.

I believe that is not entirely true. And I'll give you a fun experiment to run to prove my point, and then I'll talk about how this relates to emotions about money.

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Learning To Listen

What am I, crazy? Why am I writing an article about listening in a blog that's focused on emotions around money?

There are a couple reasons. I'll get to them shortly, but first, let me clarify what I'm referring to.

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We Each Have Different Emotions Around Money

This blog is all about emotions around money, and one thing is for sure: each of us has different emotions about it.

I have some friends, for example, who look at money in a completely different way than me.

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