My Statistical Approach

My approach to trading is one based on data and statistics. Every trade I alert is based on the mathematical research I've done.

I don't make trade decisions based on gut instinct or guesses because too often those sorts of decision are influenced by emotions. They also lack facts! I want all my trades to be informed by a scientific data-driven approach where emotions don't play any part in the trading decision. That way I can be sure that all my trading decision are rational and academic.

The pages below help paint a picture of the statistical research I've done and offer some of the results of that research.

Why I am Qualified to Do Mathematical Research

This page explains more about my mathematical aptitudes and why you can feel confident leaning on my research.

Statistical Tests I Employ

I've run a barrage of statistical tests on all the trading strategies I use. This page talks about how rigorous my statistical standards are for adopting any given trading strategy.

Trades that Have a Quantitative Edge

This page gives an example of an edge I've found and gives a feel for what my trades often look like. It also talks about other factors that affect which trades have edge.

My Favorite Trading Edge

Out of all the trading edges I've found by digging through historical price data, this is my favorite (and also perhaps the simplest).

Why I Do Not Trade the News

I don't look at a news feed each day to determine what to trade. I instead look at price movement. This page explains why.

Problems I had with Other Stock Picking Services

Years before I started this business and did my own statistical research, I once was a subscriber of other stock picking and trade alert services. This page describes the problems I had with those services and how I designed Mindful Trader to specifically address those problems.