What to Do if You Don't Want to Trade Options

I generally refer to Mindful Trader as a stock picking service. But technically, I trade both stocks and options. To my mind, my options trades offer a lot of value to members of this service and are a key part of the back tests I ran. But what if you don't want to trade options?

No problem! Just ignore my options trades.

In a 20-year back test of just my stock trades, there was a hypothetical median annual return of 76% if you used my position sizing approach. That's still enough to multiply your money 1000 times over 20 years after very roughly-estimated tax (please remember that I'm not a tax professional though). So if the returns from my back tests hold up in the future and you didn't take any money out of the account, then $10,000 could turn into $10 million over 20 years just by taking on the stock pick trades and ignoring the futures alerts. So trading just the stocks is still a potentially awesome value for the service. (By the way, it's probably not realistic to say you wouldn't remove money from the account over 20 years. I know I sure would be taking some profits out of the account along the way! Removing profits would dampen the growth potential.)

The median annual drawdown in back tests for just the stocks is 13% by the way and the maximum is 21%.

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