Live Stream of My Personal Account

If you subscribe, you’ll get access to view a live stream of my personal account.  I’ll be trading the same system as you with my own money.  It will be up 24/7 (except for any internet interruptions).  This will be really useful for some people because you can always check the live stream to see my open positions and make sure your account matches it.  You’ll be able to see when new transactions get entered and exited in my account and make sure your account is doing the same thing.  I’ll be sending emails to announce each transaction, but seeing my account just gives another form of support that allows you to see exactly what my account is doing.

This screenshot shows what my live stream will look like:

(show screenshot image)

For a more in-depth look at all the information you’ll be able to see on the live stream, check out this video:

(future video to be shown here)